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These publications are produced on behalf of the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information and are available from the Board on request at E: or T: 02 6332 8238.

Use a registered land surveyor

The flyer Protect your property - Use a registered land surveyor explains why it is advisable to check that a surveyor is registered in NSW when engaging a surveyor to undertake work involving the location of your property’s boundaries.

Marking the Landscape

This publication can be accessed under our Historical survey documents page. The publication explores the history of survey marks that are used to define boundaries of parcels of land in NSW.

Surveying Tutor

Provides an interactive tutorial, explaining the use of a selection of modern surveying technologies used in practice.

Surveyor General's Directions

This publication can also be accessed on the Spatial Services website. The Surveyor General's directions provides information regarding many aspects of survey practice in NSW that is easily accessed and in the one format.

Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA)

Available in CD format and provides information on GDA as well as a GDA manual.

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