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Land Surveyors
Mining Surveyors
Candidate Surveyors
Spatial Information
For The Community
Find a registered surveyor

Search by surname, locality, postcode and/or type.

A career in surveying

Surveying can take you to many places. Where can it take you?


Do you have a question? Perhaps our frequently asked questions can help.

For Candidates
Training workshops

Where surveying professionals assist candidate surveyors.

Pathway to Registration (Land)

From candidate land surveyor to registered land surveyor.

Pathway to Registration (Mine)

From candidate to registered mining surveyor.

For Surveyors
Land surveyors

Information specific for land surveyors.

SCIMS and BOSSI fees 2015/16

Survey Marks and BOSSI fee changes from 1 July 2015.

Address information in NSW
Address Policy, Retrospective Address Policy and Addressing User Manual now available.
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