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CPD Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How many specialty points do I need?

5 specialty points for each specialty area, cadastral or mining.


Q.What is the total amount of points required?
15 at this stage which may be reviewed in the future.


Q.Does the BOSSI CPD Determination ever change?
The CPD Determination changes slightly each year to incorporate required changes and updates. You need to stay up to date with the current version available on the BOSSI website. BOSSI will send out details when changes occur.


Q.When is the NSW CPD period?
The period runs from 1st July to the 30th June.


Q.Do my Victorian FPET points count in NSW?
No, there are various differences between Vic FPET points and NSW CPD points. All CPD events must be assessed by a NSW Ratified Organisation.


Q.Do overseas or interstate events count in NSW?
  • Overseas and interstate events can be assessed by a NSW Ratified Organisation and the points claimed.
  • Cadastral Points must be of NSW specific content. Likewise, Mining Points must be of NSW specific content. Material dealing with inter-state or international jurisdictions may be assessed as ‘survey practice’.


Q.Are ACT and NSW Cadastral CPD points the same?
For the purpose of CPD assessment, there is no distinction between cadastral points gained in either NSW or ACT jurisdictions. Refer to the Memorandum of Understanding between BOSSI and the Surveyor General of the ACT.


Q.How do I have non-seminar training assessed? (such as a university course, a non-survey seminar or special in-house training that is related to my job)
Send the relevant information to one of the Ratified Organisations for assessment.


Q.Who are the five Ratified Organisations (RO's)?
  • Institution of Surveyors NSW
  • Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW
  • Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors Limited
  • University of Newcastle
  • Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (NSW Region)


Q.What information do I have to provide the RO's when they carry out a personal assessment for me?
A detailed program or agenda including topics covered and timing involved. Some organisations may require a specific form. Breaks in the program such as lunch should be identified.


Q.What do BOSSI want to see from me for CPD when I renew my registration?
CPD Summary Report.


Q.Can't I just give BOSSI all my receipts from the seminars I've been to?
No, a CPD Summary Report is the only acceptable evidence.


Q.How do I get a CPD Summary Report?
Apply to a Ratified Organisation supplying the relevant information.


Q.What evidence of attendance do I need to provide the RO's for my CPD Summary Report?
  • Attendance certificates for separate CPD activities which have been assessed by a Ratified Organisation.
  • Sign on sheets for separate CPD activities which have been assessed by a Ratified Organisation.
  • If those options are not available, other equivalent documentary evidence such as written confirmation from the event organiser should be provided.
  • Receipt or name tag and a copy of the program for the CPD activity will only be accepted with a report detailing the learning outcomes achieved including details of each topic presented.


Q.Is it ok to have more than 1 CPD Summary Report from different Ratified Organisations?
Yes, multiple reports are acceptable. BOSSI will cross check CPD Summary Reports, so don’t worry if the same event is listed on separate CPD Summary Reports.


Q.Will the RO's send my CPD Summary Report to BOSSI directly?
No, this is your responsibility. In the future it may be a requirement to upload a copy through the payment portal.


Q.Can I lodge my CPD Summary Reports to BOSSI online?

Yes, the CPD Summary Report must be attached to the Registered Surveyors renewal transaction on the BOSSI Online Payment portal 


Q.What happens if I'm short of points after 30th June?
Make application for a conditional compliance prior to the 31st July providing a CPD Summary Report with compelling grounds for shortfall to enable the Board to make an informed decision.


Q.What happens if I'm short of points and I don't tell BOSSI before 31st July?
You will fail the CPD audit and be deregistered.


Q.When will I be audited by BOSSI?
If you have not sent a copy of a compliant CPD Summary report to BOSSI by 31st August a request will be sent out for a copy to be provided.


Q.Where do I find more information on BOSSI CPD requirements?


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