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Our clients

BOSSI’s clients comprise the people of NSW who seek surveyors and a robust survey registration system, as well as registered surveyors and candidate surveyors on the path to registration. The secretariat deals with direct public enquiries regarding surveyor’s functions and directs them to the relevant industry and professional associations as required.

BOSSI maintains a working relationship with the surveying and spatial information industry and seeks to engage with and influence the broader spatial industry on the adoption of sound surveying and spatial information practices.

There are set procedures for the registration of surveyors and the enrolment of candidate surveyors, the making of complaints and the assessment of overseas and interstate qualifications see the relevant categories on our website.

Find a registered surveyor

Our Find a registered surveyor search facility will assist you in finding registered surveyors by surname, locality, postcode and/or type.

More information

For a simple explanation of land ownership, ownership boundaries and what a land surveyor does see the ICSM publication Fundamentals of Land Ownership, Land Boundaries and Surveying.

The ICSM Fundamentals of mapping site provides a comprehensive general overview of maps, mapping, cartography and map production.

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