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Candidate training workshop

The Board of Surveying and Spatial Information and prominent members of the surveying profession conduct a weekend workshop to assist those financial candidate surveyors preparing for future assessment procedures.

This workshop is held in the month of May each year and all candidate surveyors are highly recommended to attend this workshop. Supervising surveyors are encouraged to attend this workshop with their candidate surveyors.

During the course of the workshop, there is a series of informative lectures explaining the requirements of the Board for each section of the Board's biannual assessment procedures. The topics covered in the workshop are revised each year to reflect current trends in the industry and better prepare candidate surveyors for assessment.

There is ample opportunity for individual candidate surveyors to discuss matters of concern with members of the Board.

Employers can claim the cost of the weekend, including all meals and accommodation, as it fulfils the criteria and conforms to the guidelines of the Training Guarantee Levy (Refer to the Australian Taxation Office guidelines).

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