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Candidate land surveyors

A candidate surveyor means a person who is enrolled as a candidate surveyor under the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012.

A person is entitled to be enrolled as a candidate surveyor if the person is:

  • enrolled in a course of studies leading towards a recognised qualification, or
  • the holder of a recognised qualification.

This and other information relating to assessments for registration can be found in the Boards Examination DeterminationPolicy (PDF 241.1 KB) and the Registration Examinations: Guidelines for Land Surveying Assessments (PDF 162.2 KB).

To gain a Certificate of Competency as a land surveyor, a candidate surveyor will need to complete a minimum of 104 weeks practical experience.

A candidate surveyor must submit a Notice of Practical Experience Obtained form (PDF 72.6 KB) every 12 months or when changing employers and sit the five prescribed exams.

For a simple explanation of land ownership, ownership boundaries and what a land surveyor does see the ICSM publication Fundamentals of Land Ownership, Land Boundaries and Surveying (PDF 1.16 MB) by G. J. Donnelly.

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