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What do we do?

BOSSI’s principal functions are:

  • registration of land and mining surveyors and ongoing administration of the register
  • investigation of complaints against registered land and mining surveyors and implementing disciplinary action which may arise as a result of the investigations
  • provision of advice to the Minister for Customer Service and the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation on the practice of surveying, spatial information and all other matters in connection with the administration of the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002.

The Board's functions

The principal functions of the Board are dictated by those stated in Section 28 (1) of the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002 and are as follows.

  • Registration of surveyors.
  • Investigation of surveyors' registration and licensing schemes in other states and territories, and the provision of advice to the Minister in connection with the recognition of the qualifications and experience of surveyors registered or licensed under such schemes.
  • Investigation of complaints against registered surveyors.
  • Taking of disciplinary action against registered surveyors.
  • Investigation of matters referred to it by the Ministers for advice or report in relation to surveying or any other aspect of the spatial information industry.
  • Investigation and provision of advice to the Ministers with respect to the practice to be followed in the conduct of surveys or in the collection, collation and dissemination of any other kinds of spatial information.
  • The provision of advice to the Ministers on the maintenance of the integrity of the State cadastre.
  • Provision of advice to the Ministers with respect to any other matter in connection with the administration of this Act.

The Board has other such functions as are conferred or imposed on it by, or under, this or any other Act or law.


The Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI):

  • maintains a public office - see BOSSI contact details
  • maintains a current database including a list of persons who are registered as surveyors under the provisions of the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002
  • prepares and issues up-to-date copies and variations to the register to government departments by arrangement
  • assists enrolled candidate surveyors to the Board by issuing advice regarding:
  1. policy and regulatory amendments
  2. depth and scope of professional competence expected of persons seeking registration
  3. dates, time and venues of prescribed examinations for the issue of certificates of competency
  4. conducting workshops.
  • provides information regarding changes to persons registered as surveyors in NSW for publication in the Government Gazette
  • supplies relevant information to industry and professional partners for insertion in relevant professional publications
  • acts as an agent for the assessment of overseas and interstate academic qualifications relative to surveying
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