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Review of BOSSI MentoringSurveyor Policy
Spatial Information
Land Surveyors
Mining Surveyors
Candidate Surveyors
Spatial Information
For The Community
Find a Registered Surveyor
Search by surname, locality, postcode and/or type
Power of Entry
Power of entry under the Surveying & Spatial Information Act 2002
Discipline and Prosecution
Information on disciplinary and prosecution actions taken by BOSSI
What is a land survey
Information on what is defined by legislation as a land survey and who can legally perform a land survey
BOSSI Strategic Plan 2023-2026
The new BOSSI Strategic Plan has been finalised
For Candidates
Become a Surveyor in NSW
Recognised qualifications and competency requirements
Pathway to Registration (Land)
From candidate land surveyor to registered land surveyor
Pathway to Registration (Mine)
From candidate to registered mining surveyor
Do you have a question? Perhaps our frequently asked questions can help
For Surveyors
Land Surveyors
Information specific for land surveyors
Mining Surveyors
Information specific for mining surveyors
BOSSI fees and deposits 2024
BOSSI fee change from 1 July 2024
CPD Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQ regarding the Board's annual CPD Audit requirements.
Automatic Mutual Recognition
Working in NSW as a Registered Land Surveyor Information Pack
Calendar of events 2024
BOSSI calendar of events for 2024 is now available
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