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Case Summary - DA Surveys

To protect the public and the integrity of the cadastre BOSSI continues to prosecute unregistered surveyors for performing land or mining surveys.

In March 2021, BOSSI was successful in prosecuting a survey firm for preparing a land survey without the supervision of a registered land surveyor.

The client requested a survey of the common boundary between 2 lots for the construction of a dividing fence.

A draft plan only was provided to the fencer on the day of installation, final plan and report was not provided to the client. Neighbours raised concerns about the location of the new fence, in following up with the surveyor, the client realised that they were not registered, so lodged a complaint with BOSSI.

The company plead guilty and was convicted of breaching the requirements of the Act for providing a land survey for fee or reward without the supervision of a registered land surveyor.

The company was fined $1,200, made to pay compensation of $1,540 to the client (equivalent to the fee charged) and was ordered to pay professional costs of $3,955 to BOSSI

BOSSI has published the document ‘What is a land survey’ on its website to provide a uniform understanding of the definition of a land survey to the public, surveyors and allied professions.

Registered Surveyors are reminded that they must comply with the BOSSI determinations on General and Immediate Supervision – failure to comply could result in a finding of professional incompetence &/or professional misconduct under the Act.

De-identified copy of the land survey provided to a client. 


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