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Summary of Complaint Actions and Outcomes 2021 / 2022

Complaints received by BOSSI in the period between 

01 July 2021 and 30 June 2022

Complaints Received

The Board of Surveying & Spatial Information (the Board) received 30 formal complaints against surveyors during the 2021 / 2022 financial year, with the following break down between Registered, Candidate and unregistered Surveyors. 

  • 19 complaints against Registered Surveyors
  • 0 complaints against Candidate Surveyors
  • 3 complaints against Unregistered Surveyors resulting in no prosecution cases.

2021-22 Complaint Statistics



Carried over from previous periods


Formal complaints received during the reporting period




Closed during the reporting period


Undergoing investigation

Of the 22 formal complaints closed during this period:

  • 3 were against unregistered surveyors
  • 19 were against registered surveyors
  • 6 were closed due to insufficient evidence to support a PAIC investigation, including 
    • 1 complaint referred to NSWPF for Criminal Investigation, not RLS actions
    • 1 complaint was withdrawn - conciliated
  •  7 were deemed as ‘not a valid complaint’
  • 4 were not proven
  • 5 were proven. These were referred to the Board and had disciplinary action invoked against the registered surveyors including fines of $10 000, directed meetings with the Surveyor General and two warning letters issued and recorded.
During the reporting period BOSSI also:
  • carried over 8 informal complaints from previous year
  • received 38 informal complaints 
  • A total of 46 informal complaints for the period were reviewed and actioned with:
    • 30 were for unregistered surveyors 
    • (21 nominated and verified Registered Land Surveyors provided)
    • 4 for advertising services whilst unregistered
    • 10 were not valid complaints
    • 2 referred to other agencies and NSWPF
  • 6 warning letters sent were sent for matters relating to land surveys being performed by unregistered persons due to the offence occurring outside of the 6-month statutory limit for prosecution or a lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute by the Board.

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