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Summary of Complaint Actions and Outcomes 2018 / 2019

Complaints received by BOSSI in the period between 

01 July 2018 and 30 June 2019

Complaints Received

The Board of Surveying & Spatial Information (the Board) received 33 formal complaints against surveyors during the 2018 / 2019 financial year, with the following break down between Registered, Candidate and unregistered Surveyors. 

  • 10 complaints against Registered Surveyors
  • 3 complaints against Candidate Surveyors
  • 20 complaints against Unregistered Surveyors resulting in 6 prosecution cases.

Type of Complaints

The type of complaint received can be attributed to any of the 8 categories available (more than one category can be selected) as a reason or justification for the complaint.  A summary of the types of complaint and their frequency are listed below;

Type of Complaint

No of instances

Failure to comply with the Act or Regulation


Profession Incompetence


Professional Misconduct




Contravention of conditions of Registration




Failure to comply with an Order of the Board


Failure to comply with a Determination by the Board


Complaint Outcomes

Of the 33 complaints received by the Board, the Professional Audit and Investigation Committee (PAIC) has assessed, investigated, mediated (conciliation) or closed (if unable to be investigated by the Board) 21 of the complaints during the 2018 / 2019 financial year in addition to 2 complaints received in previous financial years being closed with pending legal action. ith the following outcomes being achieved;

  •  Registered Surveyors
    • 3 complaints assessed, investigated and closed with an outcome of “not proven” with no disciplinary action.
  •  Candidate Surveyors
    • 3 complaints assessed (all 3 related to supervision issues) and subsequently and closed with an outcome of “not proven”with no disciplinary action.
  • Unregistered Surveyors
    • 9 complaints assessed and closed primarily due to being outside of the 6-month statutory limit for prosecution action by the Board.
    • 6 complaints closed with subsequent prosecution cases being initiated with 5 judgements being handed down with the remaining judgement to be handed down in July 2019.

Previous Complaint Outcomes

Complaint outcomes from previous years can be viewed here 

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