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Find a registered surveyor

First Name:Jeremy
Second Name:James
Address:Dural  NSW  2158
Date of Original Registration: 28 September 2009(Land)

Please note: a blank search will produce a complete alphabetical listing of all current Registered Surveyors for the discipline chosen (land or mining).  Registered Surveyors can choose to have their contact details hidden from the search for privacy reasons.  If a surveyor's name does not appear on the list, then they are not a current registered land or mining surveyor.  If you have any questions please contact us.

For information related to other disciplines of surveying (e.g. engineering, hydrographic, geodetic), a brief explanation can be found here.

For disciplines of surveying and certification not regulated by BOSSI and for which BOSSI does not have jurisdiction over, a brief overview can be found here.


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