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Professional training agreements

How to register a Professional Training Agreement (PTA)

A person wishing to complete a PTA needs to be a financial candidate surveyor and have completed a four year degree. To become a candidate surveyor, see Pathway to Registration.

  • A candidate surveyor needs to contact the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information to obtain the PTA guidelines and agreement.
  • Three copies (an original plus two copies) of the completed PTA are to be lodged with the Board accompanied by a PTA fee.
  • The PTA agreement must be included in the next Board meeting agenda for approval.
  • If the PTA agreement is found to be unsatisfactory or incomplete, the application will be returned and a new agreement will need to be lodged accompanied by a relodgment fee.
  • If the PTA agreement is approved the candidate surveyor will be informed in writing and are able to start their agreement.

A candidate surveyor who has entered into a PTA and, due to certain circumstances requires a variation to the agreement, may request a review of the training agreement structure. An agreement may only be altered in relation to a change in how a core module is to be undertaken or a change in supervising surveyor. A change to a PTA will incur a variation fee.

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